The Kindergarten cooperation with the child- and youth farm

Around 125 preschool children from various kindergartens in Würzburg can experience a few happy and active hours in nature once a week, thanks to the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation. They can explore their talents at a farm for children and young adolescents in natural surroundings: they can putter around, build and rollick about. They can look after animals, many of which they encounter for the first time. They learn about caring and respect. They explore their strengths within through climbing, sliding and balancing. Especially the children from socially derived areas can benefit from this playful togetherness, in order to develop social skills and to find a place in society. The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation covers the personnel costs of the farm which makes it possible to offer additional opening hours.

Weitere Projekte der Dirk Nowitzki Stiftung