Our funding projects

The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation supports children and young adolescents from underprivileged backgrounds of Würzburg and surrounding areas, Germany and the whole world to experience community through sports and physical exercise. It enables them to take part in social life and offers them a good start into life in a positive and active environment. This can only be successful in cooperation with educational institutions, associations and charitable organizations – this is what we support and encourage!

Under each category you will find exemplary information about our funding projects.

Start frei für Kinder

Funding projects Würzburg

Dirk Nowitzki was born and raised in Würzburg. Here he made his first sporting experiences and built the foundation to his outstanding success as a basketball player. The strong ties to his home town constitutes the basis for his social activism. His foundation supports projects which promotes social participation in order to help children and young adolescents to become strong and confident individuals.



Funding projects Germany

The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation supports projects all across Germany which give children the possibility to take part in sporting activities as well as accompanying educational offers, also if their parents are unable to fund them. We especially support projects which are conducted at different locations all across Germany in order to guarantee a broad and sustainable effect.



Funding projects worldwide

Throughout the past years, the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation was able to provide children and young adolescents in Africa with possibilities for social participation to develop confidence and vital energy through sports and exercise. The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation created spaces beyond the difficult daily life with the establishment of sporting grounds as well as the acquisition of sporting equipment.