BasKIDball – Open baskeball club with homework assistance

BasKIDball enables children and young adults to meet to play basketball without any obligations or fees. Since the founding of the program in 2007, of which Dirk Nowitzki is the patron, ten locations in Germany have been established. The central idea is the open structure of the sports halls as a reliable place for the kids to help shape and to co-organize. At the same time flexible homework assistance and pedagogic offers help dealing with problems of everyday life. By now there are even volunteers who used to use the program themselves and now take part as BasKIDball-Coaches. A inter-site BasKIDball-Coach qualification is in the making. During the current term the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation covers all project costs for the coaches in order to bring together the locations by covering travel and catering expenses as well as the fees for the trainers.

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