A multipurpose sports facility for Kangemi/Kibagare in Nairobi (Kenya)

The Dirk Nowitzki Stiftung supports skate-aid in the construction of a multi-purpose sports faciity in Kangemi/Kibagare in Nairobi (Kenya).

Skate-aid has a comprehensive approach to help children in disadvantage areas of the world through the means of skateboarding.

In addition to constructing sports facilities, skate-aid supports the development of local children und young adults.

In November of 2012, a newly constructed school for almost 400 children was opened through the Germen/Kenyan association "Shangilia". The school will be expanded to include a foster home. With the construction of a sports facility, a close connection between education, leusure time and sports is established. the children can experience self- and team-awareness throug sports and physical activities. They get a chance to discover their potential and improve their self-esteem. The sports facility was opened in October 2013. 

www.skate-aid.org www.shangilia.de

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