Feather Stone School

FeatherStone is a new, purpose built private school 45 minutes drive from Nairobi, Kenya and around 15 minutes from the town of Kitengela. The school will initially facilitate learning at the kindergarten stage using the Montessori approach. Education on an elementary school level is often neglected in Kenya. 1.2 million children do not have access to schools because they have to provide the family income. Effective teaching is hardly possible in the poorly equipped class rooms.  60% of the 14 year old teenagers only have basic reading skills despite enrollment at schools. The Feather Stone School offers  a safe and high quality learning environment for children starting at an early age. Until the end of 2014, the Feather-Stone School wants to add two additional class rooms, sanitary facilities and outdoor sports facilities to benefit more than 20 families and over 140 children.


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